How to Change your DNS

Simply said, the country you’re currently in is identified by your code. uses this to direct you to the choice of your state. However, the United States Netflix features more than 10 10,000 titles, while other states just have or less. So how do we access the Netflix selection that is american? Simple, change your DNS address. It is a really straightforward move to make, but the procedure differs slightly depending on what device you are utilizing.

If you just follow the steps for the specific apparatus below and still tend not to notice Netflix, restart your device. To affirm that you are in the USA Netflix selection, research “Generator Rex”. It is a Netflix should only show up if you are in the US Netflix selection , and distinctive.

1. Visit options.

2. Head to Wireless Local Area Network.

3. The Wifi network you’re currently connected to will have a tick mark close to the left of the title of it’s. To the right, there ought to be a circle with the arrow pointing to the correct (or an ‘i” if you are utilizing iOS-7 ). Click about it.

4. Substitute the present main and secondary rules in the DNS box using a primary from our homepage. Utilize a comma to separate the two.

5. Sign out of Netflix, and back in again.

6. Enjoy!