New PS4 Update

For the PS4 the update 6.00 is live. Here are the patch notes and the download size of the new PlayStation 4 firmware update. If you sign up for your PS4 today, September 13th, a download is waiting for you. Sony has released the system software update with version 6.00.

How big is the PS4 update? According to reports the update weighs about 430 MB. Do I have to install the update? If you want to continue playing online, you will need to download and install the update 6.00. The download is necessary. The installation may take several minutes. If you do not install the update, you will no longer be able to connect to PlayStation Network.

What is in Update 6.00? – The Patch Notes

Stability is increased: Although the new update has a round number, nothing changes for PlayStation owners. Sony only announces in the changelog that the update 6.00 increases the overall system performance. Does this affect my VPN on the PS4? You can find all the information and the exact time here:

So your PS4 will be a bit more stable. More is not in the patch notes. Such patch notes are actually only known from smaller PS4 updates, which carry umpteen numbers in the version number. The fact that the update 6.00 changes so little currently surprises many users in the forums.

The future will show whether there are still a few “secret” changes. For example, it has happened that symbols in the PS4 main menu have been changed even though none of them were in the changelog. The community is currently looking for such secret new features – if you find any, please write them in the comments.

A new feature came already before 6.00

Already before this update Sony was working on the search function in the PS-Store. The bulky search has been reworked:

  • Instead of scrolling letter by letter through the alphabet in several columns, PS4 users now have the option of using a virtual keyboard.
  • This shortens input time compared to the previous model, which had been tormenting users for years.

According to PlayStation, the FIFA 19 demo will be in the store this afternoon.

What Users Are Saying

Remember the PS3 menu. That was really slow. With Ps4 it’s pretty fast. With Ps3 at the beginning there was an update for system or game every few months. Towards the end it was almost weekly. Now with the Ps4 I get some new updates almost every day. Will it happen hourly with the PS5?

Every time the same. Why are they so intransparent? The Dashboard is despite the meanwhile numerous system stabilizations everything else than stable as soon as you have a game running. And that despite the more power through the Pro. But what good is there to improve when the PS5 is already in the making and will probably come in 2020? Don’t think Sony will ever do anything about it if it takes you 5 years to improve the search and display of the PSN store, says it all.